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The Winwick History Group has been formed under the auspices of The Friends of Winwick Church. The inaugural meeting was in the church at 8pm on Thursday 9th September 2021. 


As Sue Sherman said, "What an enthusiastic inaugural Meeting for the Winwick History Group - many thanks to everyone who attended. Special thanks also to our Guest Speaker Dan White from Watford History Group - particularly for the advice on obtaining grant funding."

The Way Forward


After a general discussion on possible topics for research, the first raft of subjects was chosen. There will be more to come!


In each case, you can see who is involved. If anyone would like to add their support at this stage or have any helpful items, they will be delighted to hear from you.



  • History of Winwick Manor - Mike Pagendam
  • History of Manor Cottages and Home Farm - Ben Healy
  • Catalogue of the Church Graveyard - Heidi Harratt
  • Creation of a Winwick Historical Press Clippings Archive - Pete Drabble
  • The History of Farming - Rod and Pauline O'Connor and Trevor Sherman
  • Christmas Traditions in Winwick - Sue Sherman and Deborah Coles
  • Establishment of a History Group Technology Archive - Robin Coles. Andy Hickinbotham. Trevor Sherman
  • Making a Scale Model of Winwick - Andy and Connel Hickinbotham



The Topic of the October 14th 2021 Meeting was 'The History of Farming' - a talk from Pauline, & Rod O'Connor and Trevor Sherman, all of whom have their roots in agriculture.


At the November 11th November 2021 meeting Heidi Harratt gave us an update on her project about bringing the graveyard to life.

The 10th December 2021 meeting was a completely different experience - our wonderful Tudor Feast in The Church. Huge thanks to Ben and Mandy Healy for their hard work and enthusiasm in bringing this all together.


The evening started at 7p.m. with Ben's specially brewed Tudor Ale and Mulled Cider. We then sat down and enjoyed a magnificent festive board - including venison, mutton and four fabulous puddings.  What a great way to start the weekend!


You can see the pictures of the night in the Gallery. You can view a special commemorative edition of the Winwick Tudor Times Here. And some fascinating tit bits of Christmas in Tudor times Here.

The 13th January 2022 meeting broke with tradition and was delivered over Zoom, including to a wider audience of people not from the village.


Dr Anthony Gross had chosen as his theme: 'Institutions and Personal Identities: Manor, Community and Nation 1200 - 1500'. 

The 10th February 2022 meeting had two subjects: Valentines and Jubilee.


Trevor Sherman gave a slide presentaion about three World War 1 postcards sent by his great uncle William Sherman to his sweetheart Emily Marshall in 1922. They subsequently married, had a child and three grandchildren. William served in Ypres and fought in the Battle of Hill 60 in 1915.


After a slide presentation on Winwick Jubilee celebrations in the past, Heidi Harratt outlined the plans for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend 2nd to 5th June. 

New For our 10th March 2022 meeting we had a guest speaker. Dr Wendy Raybould from West Haddon presented 'Mary Burbridge; the Innkeeper's Widow' in which she pieced together the life story of an 18th Centrury woman in West Haddon against the backdrop of enclosure, turnpiking and textile production.

Our April 14th 2022 meeting was a two part presentation entitled 'Water Under The Bridge'

The first part was a slide history of Inland Waterways. And the second part incorporated a Living History interview Trevor Sherman did with an 88 year old Boater, about living and working on the Canals.

Have you ever wondered what a Butty is, or a Tom's Pudding or even a Gongoozler - well this was your chance to find out.

Our May 12th 2022 meeting was titled 'Meander Down Memory Lane'.


It was about Winwick's recent history and the people who lived here - some of whom were perhaps a bit eccentric!!

Our June 23rd 2022 meeting was Winwick's own Antiques Roadshow.


Hosted by Dr Anthony Gross, people were invited to bring along items for assessment and valuation.


These will be auctioned at the Fete on Sunday 4th September with monies raised going to the Church.

Our 6th October 2022 meeting was 'A History of Roads'.


Ian Parsons gave us a very informative talk on how our national highway system has, with specific emphasis on Northamptonshire and the immediate area.

Our 17th November 2022 meeting was 'The Sixties'.


As Sue Sherman said in her introduction:

"I absolutely love the Sixties. And well over half a century later I still believe the 1960s remains a defining decade for Great Britain".

Our 15th December 2022 meeting was 'Christmas Traditions'.


Sue Sherman took us through a sleigh ride of Christmas traditions from Advent Calendars to Mistletoe, Mince Pies, Christmas Stockings, Christmas Cards, Christmas Crackers and what happened at Winwick Manor on Christmas Day in days gone by.  A highlight was a description of Queen Victoria's menu for Christmas Dinner in 1896.


Sue announced that after 15 months this was the last history group meeting she would be running.


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