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The Winwick Warbler

Starting with edition 1 at the end of March 2020, the Winwick Warbler was set up initially as a weekly magazine designed to keep everyone in the village informed and entertained during the Covid crisis. 


Great News. The Winwick Warbler has received a Rose of Northamptonshire Award.


The Rose Award recognises contributions made by people who live and work in Northamptonshire during the Coronavirus Pandemic, and is presented as part of the Unsung Heroes initiative launched by the Lord Lieutenant and the High Sheriff.


We were nominated by Northamptonshire County Councillor Cecile Irving Swift who had this to say about us:


"Winwick is one of the smallest villages in my County Council division. During the Pandemic, the village has produced the most delightful, informative online magazine. It is called The Winwick Warbler and aims to keep everyone in the village informed and entertained. It is a joy to read.

The magazine has grit, humour and what I, as Winwick's proud French County Councillor, call a typically English understated approach to any crisis. Keep calm and carry on!  

The Winwick Warbler is also a record of how a small, charming village has coped with the Covid-19 Pandemic. As a testimony to the resilient response of a tightly knit local community to adversity, it deserves to be entered into the historical archives of Northamptonshire for the benefit of future generations.

In summary, The Winwick Warbler is an amazing and helpful publication of historical interest and a most worthy recipient of the Rose of Northamptonshire Award".


I look forward very much to accepting the Rose Award on behalf of the village at an online Presentation Ceremony on March 31st.  


In addition to Cecile's kind words, I'd once again like to thank everyone who contributed stories and pictures.  And special thanks also to Trev for patiently putting it all together!


Sue Sherman
March 2021


Here are links to the 12 editions of the Warbler:


Edition 1: 28 Mar 2020


Edition 2: 04 Apr 2020


Edition 3: 11 Apr 2020


Edition 4: 18 Apr 2020


Edition 5: 25 Apr 2020


Edition 6: 02 May 2020


Edition 7: 09 May 2020


Edition 8: 16 May 2020


Edition 9: 23 May 2020


Edition 10: 30 May 2020


Edition 11: 08 Nov 2020


Edition 12: 14 Feb 2021

Winwick History Group

The Winwick History Group has been formed under the auspices of The Friends of Winwick Church. The inaugural meeting was in the church at 8pm on Thursday 9th September 2021. 


As Sue said, "What an enthusiastic inaugural Meeting for the Winwick History Group - many thanks to everyone who attended. Special thanks also to our Guest Speaker Dan White from Watford History Group - particularly for the advice on obtaining grant funding."


The Way Forward

After a general discussion on possible topics for research, the first raft of subjects was chosen. There will be more to come!


In each case, you can see who is involved. If anyone would like to add their support at this stage or have any helpful items, they will be delighted to hear from you.



  • History of Winwick Manor - Mike Pagendam
  • History of Manor Cottages and Home Farm - Ben Healy
  • Catalogue of the Church Graveyard - Heidi Harratt
  • Creation of a Winwick Historical Press Clippings Archive - Pete Drabble
  • The History of Farming - Rod and Pauline O'Connor and Trevor Sherman
  • Christmas Traditions in Winwick - Sue Sherman and Deborah Coles
  • Establishment of a History Group Technology Archive - Robin Coles. Andy Hickinbotham. Trevor Sherman
  • Making a Scale Model of Winwick - Andy and Connel Hickinbotham



The Topic of the October 14th 2021 Meeting was 'The History of Farming' - a talk from Pauline, Rod and Trevor, all of whom have their roots in agriculture.


At the November 11th November 2021 meeting Heidi gave us an update on her project about bringing the graveyard to life.

The 10th December 2021 meeting was a completely different experience - our wonderful Tudor Feast in The Church. Huge thanks to Ben and Mandy for their hard work and enthusiasm in bringing this all together. The evening started at 7p.m. with Ben's specially brewed Tudor Ale and Mulled Cider. We then sat down and enjoyed a magnificent festive board - including venison, mutton and four fabulous puddings.  What a great way to start the weekend!  You can see the pictures of the night in the Gallery. You can view a special commemorative edition of the Winwick Tudor Times Here. And some fascinating tit bits of Christmas in Tudor times Here.


SatNav. This is the postcode for the whole village. NN6 7PD

Medical Emergency. There is an AED in the War Memorial. What3Words Link

Winwick Welcomes Walkers. Parking for Ramblers. What3Words Link


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